Merion Friends Meeting
Quaker Concerns and Related Activism:

A poem by Althea Culclasure about the experience of being in imprisoned in solitary confinement (Untitled).

Earth Quaker Action Team (EQAT) a grassroots, nonviolent social action group founded by Quakers and inclusive of people of all faiths or no faith, fighting for our threatened planet.

Training for Change: Training activists to more effectively stand up for justice, peace and the environment through a technique called "direct education"

Playing On ... A short documentary by Doorje Shover. "This moving short film shows how Buna, an Alzheimer patient with great cognitive losses, stays connected with her friend Doortje by playing music together. The movie is entitled PLAYING ON because it documents how Buna's ability to actively play and learn new music continues, despite the loss of most other memory. Poignant and inspirational, PLAYING ON brings hope to those suffering with Alzheimer's and their loved ones."

Trailer for Midway: Message from the Gyre, an environmental film by Chris Jordan

Class Matters: a site dedicated to combatting discriminatory attitudes abou class, including those held by activists trying to help reduce class restrictions in our society

AFSC Wage Peace initiative: "Wage Peace is AFSC's initiative to promote peace over war around the world, waging peace with the same determination and energy that nations wage war."

Robert Cray's music video for his song, "Twenty," featuring the Eyes Wide Open exhibit

Free Speech: A Sacred Challenge, a brief documentary about artist Violet Oakley and her murals in the Pennsylvania capital, including the contribution of William Penn

"Dirty, Dangerous and Expensive: The Truth About Nuclear Power," a discussion from Physicians for Social Responsibility

Health Care Reform: The perspective of a physician who is a Merion Friends Meeting member

A minute (resolution) from Merion Friends Meeting regarding the recent hostilities in Israel, Lebanon, and Gaza

A minute from Merion Friends Meeting to Governor Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania regarding same-sex marriage

"Where Do Our Income Tax Dollars Go?" a visual representation from FCNL

"What If Our Mercenaries Turn On Us?" 2007 article by reporter Chris Hedges.