Merion Friends Meeting
Quaker Queries for Kids!

Quakers don't have a "creed." That means that we don't have a list of things we all have to say we believe.

That doesn't mean we each do whatever we feel like!

We try to let God lead us in what we should believe and in how we should live our lives. We believe that if we are willing to listen carefully, God will tell each of us what is true. We believe that if we meet together in silence to listen to God, we will come to unity on hard decisions, because God will be leading us.

So instead of a creed, we have "queries." Queries are questions we Quakers ask ourselves. We ask ourselves these questions when we are alone, and we think about them when we are together in groups. We use them to see if we are living our lives by the basic ideas of Quakerism.

Asking ourselves questions is harder than just reciting something we memorized when we were too young to even undertand it. Queries help us become more open to God speaking to us. They help us get focused when we've been busy listening to everyone else besides God. Queries help us find the Light within ourselves and to show that light to other people by the way we act and speak.

Each regional group of Friends meetings, called "yearly meetings," publishes its own book about the history and beliefs of Quakers, and each develops its own list of queries. These queries are based on the ones in Faith & Practice by the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends. We at Merion Friends Meeting have been developing sets of queries that are appropriate for kids. It is still a work in progress.

1. Meeting for Worship

2. Meeting for Business

3. Spiritual Nurture, Ministry, and Religious Education

4. Care for the Meeting Community

5. Educaton

6. Equality

7. Social Responsibility and Witness

8. Peace

9. Ministry of Outreach

10. Stewardship of the Environment

11. Stewardship of Resources

12. Integrity and Simplicity