Merion Friends Meeting
Other Quaker resources

Pendle Hill Quaker center for spiritual growth -- their bookstore stocks a wide variety of titles on Quakerism, peace and social concerns

Young Adult Friends Listserve The Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (PYM) Young Adult Friends (YAF) program usually hosts events, and holds retreats quarterly

The Henry J. Cadbury Library of the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting a lending library with 23,000 titles

Friends Tract Association an association of members of the Society of Friends with a special sense of unity in the concern for distribution of Quaker literature

Fellowship of Friends of African Descent (or on Facebook) formed out of a desire that Black Quakers know each other.

Friends World Committee for Consultation encouraging fellowship among all branches of the Religious Society of Friends

Friends Journal serving the Quaker community and the wider community of spiritual seekers through the publication of articles, poetry, letters, art, and news that convey the contemporary experience of Friends.

Quaker Information Center The QIC serves both the Quaker community and the general public in its quest to increase awareness about Friends and Quaker institutions.

QuakerSpeak, a Quaker YouTube channel. Produced by Friends Journal, there are interviews with Friends of all different backgrounds asking them the core questions of our faith. -- Quaker links

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