Merion Friends Meeting
Quakers in History

Records of the Merion Friends Meeting Burying Ground

Mirror of the Penn State University Digital Bookshelf History of Merion Friends Meeting

Autobiography of George Fox, founder of the Religious Society of Friends

Life of Margaret Fell, one of the early leaders of the Society of Friends

Biography of William Penn. founder of Pennsylvania as a "holy experiment" in government run on Quaker principles

Journal of John Woolman, early Quaker abolitionist

Minutes of the only witch trial in Pennsylvania, brought before Gov. William Penn in 1683

Philadelphia Quakers in art

Lucretia Mott, Quaker abolitionist and feminist

Letters of Elias Hicks, traveling Quaker preacher, on slavery

Edward Hicks, American Quaker artist

Bayard Rustin: a Chester County Quaker, Black, Gay, and disillusioned Communist working for civil rights and pacifism while being kept in the background by other activists because of his sexual orientation

Susan B. Anthony, American Quaker suffragist

Thomas Wynne, physician to William Penn and member of Merion Friends Meeting

Other Famous Quakers